Indicative Timelines and Costs

As our products are handmade and shipped from different countries, the timelines may vary depending on the product you purchase.

Estimated Shipping Times:

3-10 Days for Katanas from our brand. (Depending on the craftsmanship involved).

Delivery Times:

Approximately 7-21 Days.

Standard Shipping (USA): Free

Standard Shipping (International) : $25

Shipping with Decorated Box (USA): $25 (A single decorated box will be shipped if you order multiple Katanas).

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars (USD).

Delivery refers to the transfer of physical possession or control of the product to the consumer. The risks associated with received products are transferred to the customer.

Orders are delivered to the address provided by you. Japanese Katana Store cannot be held responsible for any incorrect address provided by you (delivery fees will be incurred if the customer provides the wrong delivery address, and Japanese Katana Store must deliver to a new address).

The customer is responsible for checking the apparent condition of the delivered products (undamaged or damaged packaging and contents, especially during transportation) and the conformity of the quantity of product(s) delivered to the order. Any apparent defect and/or non-compliance of the quantity of product(s) delivered to the order must be reported by the customer to the carrier and confirmed by the customer within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the product by the customer, by sending an email to Japanese Katana Store at:

Email address:

The customer should include their customer number and order reference in the email.

Otherwise, the packaging and delivered products will be deemed free from apparent defect(s), and the quantity of products delivered will be deemed in conformity with the order.

The delivery time is indicated during the order process and in the Confirmation email. As an indicative timeframe, the delivery time for the USA is 10 to 180 days.

In the event that the customer explicitly requests in writing to leave their order on their doorstep or with a third party, Japanese Katana Store disclaims all responsibility in case of theft or deterioration in the quality of the ordered products.

In case of non-compliance with the delivery times as provided above, the Customer must notify Japanese Katana Store by contacting Customer Services and granting them a reasonable additional period to allow Japanese Katana Store to identify the cause of such delay and provide an appropriate response. In any event, in the event of a delivery delay not due to force majeure, if Japanese Katana Store has not performed within the additional period, the Customer has the option to cancel the Order with Japanese Katana Store by contacting Customer Services. Upon receipt of this request to cancel the sale, the Customer will be reimbursed within a maximum of fourteen (14) days.

Any Order paid in whole or in part with a voucher, promotional or discount voucher, or benefiting from any individual or collective promotional offer, can only be refunded, if applicable, in the form of a voucher, promotional or discount voucher, and/or taking into account the said promotional offer.