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Katana Tatsu Ginka

Katana Tatsu Ginka

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The Tatsu Ginka katana (龍銀火), or "Silver and Fire Dragon", is a remarkable sword with a T10 steel blade and a unique wavy Hamon, offering exceptional cutting performance. The alloy guard is sculpted with a silver dragon, adding a touch of power and mystery to this weapon.

The black and orange lacquered wooden scabbard is decorated with a painted Japanese dragon motif, bringing an artistic and cultural dimension to this katana. The black Sageo harmoniously completes the ensemble. The genuine orange stingray leather handle ensures a comfortable, sturdy grip.

Specifications Details
Blade (刀身 Tōshin)

 T10 steel with unique corrugated hamon.

Guard (鍔 Tsuba) Carved alloy with silver dragon.
Scabbard (鞘 Saya) Black and orange lacquered wood with painted Japanese dragon motif
Sageo (下緒) Black 
Handle (柄 Tsuka) Genuine orange stingray leather
Handle ornament (目貫 Menuki) Black alloy kit
Handle pin (目釘 Mekugi) 2 in Bamboo
Total length (with Saya) 40,5 inches
Blade length 28,3 inches
Handle length 10,6 inches
Blade width 1,25 inches
Blade thickness 0,3 inches
Weight (with sheath) 2,6 lbs

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